The Jacob Kaplan Circle aims to bring together some individuals involved in the life of the community, who are fully aware of the future prospects opened up by HILEL CAMPUS and would like to become invested in the project.


The role of members of the Jacob Kaplan Circle is not limited to a financial contribution.

It is also a human and collective adventure that will accompany the project throughout its life, giving it added value and meaning.

"I am a Jew, because for Israel the world is not completed, humans are completing it. "

                   Edmond Fleg

As sponsors, supporters, partners and first witnesses of the construction of HILEL CAMPUS, the members of the Jacob Kaplan Circle are associated with each stage of the life of the project and retain their title of founding members for life.

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What they’re saying about us

Benjamin Gross ז’’ל, Writer, philosopher, university professor, honorary committee member of the Réseau SAJE

French Judaism has not taken a particular interest in students and in the imperative need to bring them closer to the community so that they may discover the treasures of Jewish culture.

The initiative to create HILEL CAMPUS comes at the right time and we wish it a great success in order to guarantee the succession of the community leadership in the upcoming years.

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