President’s Foreword

David Saada

The Jewish community in France is an engaged and dynamic community, structured by a social fabric that is active in the religious, cultural, and educational domains. It has been able to keep its vitality, acquired over the past twenty-five years, but it is also a community that questions its own future and, despite this vitality, suffers from a weakness in the area of renewal within its leadership.       

Today we are at a crossroads of paths and generations, a critical period in which the leaders who created and shaped the community are ready to hand over the reigns. The new generation, which is only just beginning to emerge, will have new challenges to face. During this transitional situation, it is vital to undertake major strategic action.


Training youth for leadership should be a priority for our institutions, so that the originality and dynamism of our community will continue and be renewed. To achieve this, we need new men and women who have become aware of their responsibilities. The natural pool of candidates for tomorrow's leadership is undoubtedly the student world of today.


And yet today, when students graduate Jewish schools and leave youth movements, they are faced with a total absence of an open and nonpolitical comprehensive structure, offering them accommodation, a social welfare service, leadership training, and a Jewish curriculum.


The HILEL CAMPUS project is today the only project with the ambitious goal of creating the necessary link between the students' needs and the strategic stakes and high-priority issues facing the Jewish community. This important project must be one of the main endeavors of the coming years, bringing together the investment and the involvement of each one of us.


David Saada

What they’re saying about us

Benjamin Gross ז’’ל, Writer, philosopher, university professor, honorary committee member of the Réseau SAJE

French Judaism has not taken a particular interest in students and in the imperative need to bring them closer to the community so that they may discover the treasures of Jewish culture.

The initiative to create HILEL CAMPUS comes at the right time and we wish it a great success in order to guarantee the succession of the community leadership in the upcoming years.

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