The Jewish community in France is experiencing a worrying period: security crisis, loss of dynamism, unclear future for Jews of France. All these observations have led not only to heightened community awareness, but also to question about how to revitalize Jewish life and how to integrate it in accordance with one’s individual sensitivities.

Let young people become action takers, not consumers

There is no federating project addressing Jewish youth in all its plurality and tracing the blueprint of the Jewish community of tomorrow. It is today that we must act, and respond to this all-encompassing demand, by rising to the challenge of putting young people at the project’s center, so that they may become its actors and not just consumers.

There is no federating project addressing Jewish youth in all its plurality and tracing the blueprint of the Jewish community of tomorrow.

Disenchantment of youth within the community institutions

The sociological study conducted by Erik Cohen in 2002 already revealed a strong concern about the renewal of frameworks and leadership in the Jewish community. The author noted that the average age of these leaders was 62, and warned the community about "decapitation of Jewish life over the coming years. There has not been natural renewal of leadership: today's leaders are, at 61% born outside metropolitan France (compared to 50% of Jews in France) and have been officiating for more than 10 years."

Lack of a comprehensive structure sedicated to Jewish students

Among the findings brought forward is a study carried out by the Réseau SAJE and financed by the FMS, OSE, IAU and FSJU foundations. The study highlights the flagrant lack of structure dedicated to and designed for and together with the young people of the community, as well as the shortage of student housing enabling young people to live their Jewish identity fully and serenely. There is a veritable lack of a place for Jewish life, encounters, exchange, expression and inspiration for the community’s youth. Between graduating high school and entering the working life and starting a family, no structure offers at once student housing and Jewish living spaces (kosher restaurant, prayer services, Jewish studies), associated with a social and cultural framework that can support and accompany the social, cultural and communal vocations initiated by the young people of the community

"I attended the Hillel House in Montreal in 2012. Thanks to this center, I had a wonderful experience. Creating something similar in Paris would be awesome !”

Samuel T, 

Student of Computer Science

A few reactions from students
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